BBEdit Clippings Library for Tumblr Theme Development →

At Business Bullpen, we’ve been working on Tumblr themes over the last three years. We started off building themes for fun, then for the community, then as a business. During this time we have been working on ways to improve our workflow and tools for theme development. Most of the improvements we made revolved around project organization, feature maintenance, tests and builds. But this whole time we have been missing better editor support for development. So we did something about it.

We built a clippings library that contains snippets for all of the current Tumblr Theme Operators and works with BBEdit’s auto-complete feature. Once enabled, start typing a clipping name and BOOM.

Installation instructions are located in the project’s GitHub repository.

We plan to enhance these clippings over time and will incorporate any changes to the current custom theme documentation as soon as possible. We also plan to extend this with our own time saving snippets over time. Stay tuned.

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