Suggested Updates to Tumblr’s Custom Theme Operators

Developers have created some pretty amazing themes since the launch of Tumblr’s theme garden a few years ago. At the crux of it all are Tumblr’s custom theme operators. Over time operators have been added as new features have been introduced and I’m excited to see what’s up Tumblr’s sleeve for theme developers in 2013.

The following are five updates I’d like to see to the theme operators this year. The order does not imply precedence, as any one of these suggestions would be a welcomed addition. And if any of them already exist, are not documented, or have decent workarounds, please let me know.

1) “IfNot” implementations for the existing and future conditional block operators. This logic exists for custom operators / options and would benefit the standard block operator set.

{block:IfNotDescription}No blog description{/block:IfNotDescription}

2) A Page block to conditionally render content on Standard Pages. Currently, we use the Permalink block to render content for both a Post and Page, and use the Date block to render additional content (ie. comments, notes, etc) for a Post only, but have no way to specifically target a Page.

{block:Page}Standard Page only{/block:Page}

3) A Mobile operator to conditionally render content based on whether or not the user has the Tumblr default mobile layout enabled.

{block:MobileEnabled}Default mobile layout enabled{/block:MobileEnabled}

4) A Choice / Select appearance option, similar to the Custom Font appearance option, for a generic way to allow users to select from two or more fixed values.

<meta name="choice:Name" content="Value1,Value2,Value3" />

5) An AudioPlayer variable that does not just depend on Flash. The default mobile layout provides audio and there is the {RawAudioURL} variable for iPhone Themes, but developers implementing responsive themes do not have a solution for audio that works in both desktop and mobile environments.

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